About Me


I'm a Zend-certified PHP engineer, a perfectionist coder whose passion is bringing perfection to the coding world. I have over a decade of hands-on web development experience. I feel comfortable taking the reins of any part of the software development cycle. I am a fast learner, and currently seeking opportunities.

My philosophy

1. Be prepared

It's important for serious developers to have a large array of tools at their disposal.

2. Simplicity is essential

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Einstein

3. Use proven methodologies

Trying to do things differently than everyone else is a risky business, especially with time and budget constraints. I believe web development should be approached with proven methodologies to accomplish whatever goal is sought. On your own time it's okay to test out new approaches, but it's unprofessional at somebody else's expense.

4. Code should be easy to understand and maintain

Bugs can be greatly limited by avoiding cryptic code, obscure features, and magic numbers which can make code hard to read. I believe code should be written in a consistent manner that's easy to understand and maintain.